Credit deposits

CryptoDeposits allows players to add play credits instantly online. Agents can even offer customized deposit bonuses to sweeten the deal. More credits, bigger bonus!

Balance deposits

Issue a recurring credit balance to players and use CryptoDeposits to settle up without meeting in person. You control how long it takes for deposits and wins to mature.

Be your own payment processor

Enjoy the convenience and privacy of handling your own online transactions with CryptoDeposits. No transaction fees, payment processor fees, or subscription fees.

How does CryptoDeposits work?

CryptoDeposits integrates with your cold crypto wallet, enabling private transactions directly between your sportsbook and your players. Players deposit to and withdraw from your cold wallet with no third parties involved, not even Bookiemarket. All you have to do is approve the transactions.

CryptoDeposits lets you transact directly with players

Leverage the enhanced security of a cold storage crypto wallet

CryptoDeposits harnesses the power of Electrum, an ultra-secure cold wallet software that stores Bitcoin while disconnected from the internet. All transactions are encrypted and take place completely isolated from your network, so no private information ever leaves your device. Your players are free to use any major crypto wallet, including popular apps like Coinbase and Venmo. It’s fast, safe, and free of any processing fees.

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